According to the Vatican, Yoga is Evil?

So according to Father Gabriele Amorth, who was at one point the chief exorcist of the Vatican, “practicing yoga is Satanic.”  According to the priest practicing yoga will lead you down a path to Hinduism. He also believes that Harry Potter is Satanic as well.

I guess kids can’t have any fun anymore. No Harry Potter and no yoga. Boy I wish I had read this earlier maybe I wouldn’t have embarrassed myself by posting about yoga in schools. My face is red.



Yoga in Schools?

A new Report done by CBS News Yoga In School Showing Results views the results of practicing Yoga in School.

At the KIPP Summit Academy in San Lorenzo, CA students are participating in Yoga classes as part of the mandatory curriculum. The program is being run by the founder of Headstand (, Katherine Priore. It’s an interesting idea to be sure, but is it working?

According to the report it has been very effective. Suspensions have gone down by 60% and tests scores are on the rise. Not only that, but in the report the students talk about the effects of Yoga in their daily lives. They find themselves to be more calm, having a clearer mind, and being able to handle their frustrations by leaving a situation to go and practice Yoga.

As an adult I can clearly say that yes, Yoga has been influential in my life and helped me to achieve a more calm and clear mind so I don’t doubt that it is having such a positive effect on the students. In fact, when I was in elementary school our Phys Ed teacher, Ms. Connie, used to have us do exercises to Gloria Estefan and we loved it! I would imagine the students are reacting the same way to the Yoga and given all that we know about the effects of Yoga today it’s probably doing wonderfully.

Now, I don’t know if Yoga is the only way to get students to feel calm, but it is one of the best options available to students. I think that all students should be receiving some sort of physical education and Yoga is a great way for students to connect their bodies to their minds! Just my two cents.

If you want to learn more about Headstand check out their site