How to Define a Yogi

In my recent Yoga Teacher Training class we spent the majority of the day doing inverted poses like headstands, handstands, crow pose, etc. It was actually my most favorite class so far (we’re only in week two though so this could easily change.) I don’t know there is just something about being upside down that I love. But, even though I loved doing inversions, it was the chat that we had at the end of class that really resonated with me. We were given a simple question, What is a Yogi? A simple question with a lot of answers.

Our Instructor, Anthony, wanted us to journal real quickly so we could each define it ourselves. I decided to stick with a simple definition: a yogi is someone who values their practice and spreads positive karmic energy out into the world. I jotted down a few details more about why I defined a yogi like this (mostly personal anecdotes) and then as a class we began to share ideas. Now I don’t think my definition was wrong, but there were a bajillion other things that I would have liked to include in my journal entry. So I figured I might as well share them with you here.

What is a Yogi?

  • A yogi spreads positive karma
  • A yogi practices cleanliness of the mind, body, and spirit
  • A yogi is dedicated, to both themselves and their community
  • A yogi takes care of others without forgetting that sometimes they themselves will come first
  • A yogi practices
  • A yogi is self-aware. Self-aware of their faults, their goals, and self-aware of their best attributes
  • A yogi is grateful. Grateful for what they have and also for what they don’t have
  • A yogi accepts their own truth.
  • A yogi is balanced.
There were plenty more ideas thrown about in the studio on Saturday and I wish I could have written them all down (I’m sure somebody did) because it really made me rethink what I’ve thought of yoga and yogis in the past. I thoroughly enjoyed this class and it has become a huge turning point in my yoga practice. Saturday is the day that I finally felt okay to describe myself as a Yogi and I am very proud of that.
– Yogi Brad

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