Tapas: Discipline

Last Wednesday I started the journey to become a Yoga Teacher. Initially I thought that I would get the opportunity to understand more Yoga Poses and become a Yoga expert. I was looking forward to pushing myself physically and really embrace the physical practice of yoga, or as I am beginning to learn, asana.

What I didn’t expect is to be so enthralled by the history and values of yoga. In our first class dedicated to learning about the history and path of Yoga I was introduced to the 8-limbed path. We were asked to start journaling about something we had learned about, something that we connected with or that we would like to work on.

So what did I choose? I chose one of the Niyamas, ethical codes or moral observations when no one is looking. The one I decided to work on is Tapas or discipline. I chose to focus on Tapas because I find myself to lack discipline a lot. I make a lot of goals for myself whether it be spiritual, physical, or emotional and I often tend to let them go. So I figured why not focus on the one thing that I would really want to improve. So I’m making a list of goals for myself to improve my discipline and I would like to share them with you.

1) Focus on my practice and increase my knowledge of Yoga. This should be obvious.

2) Write. Write like there’s no tomorrow. I have a lot of projects – movies, books, blogs – and I want to really write them all.

3) Work on my physical self. I’m not the most consistent guy when it comes to exercise. It’s not that I don’t like exercise, but I just don’t like getting up early. So I’m going to focus on keeping discipline when it comes to my exercise.

4) Work on my work. I want to be the best I can be at my job and I want to stay focused.

So that’s my goal to stay disciplined. It will really extend to all parts of my life. As I go through this journey I’m sure that I will connect with other aspects of Yoga and I can’t wait to get this journey started! If you have any advice or anything to add to my goals please let me know in a comment. I’ll be sure to read it all!



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