Yoga in the Rain

Well it’s a rare rainy day here in Southern California and it got me thinking about doing activity in the rain. When I was a kid my mother would tell me not to play in the rain because I might catch a cold, but there was always something so thrilling to playing in nature’s shower. So I would try to, but my mom would pull my brother, sister, and I back inside. Not to worry though, we got our chance when we splashed around in the puddles the next day (why are puddles so inviting?)

But then we went off as adults and no one would be able to stop us from going in the rain.  And I definitely did.

I would play soccer, football, or any other contact sport in the rain! Mostly I did it to muck it up in the mud. I ruined clothing, destroyed shoes, and suffered plenty of injuries from falling down. And yes, mom, sometimes I got a cold. But I totally think it was worth it.

So why not practice yoga in the rain? Sometimes we all get sweaty enough that we might as well have been! But are there any benefits or pluses to doing it in the rain? Sure, you feel connected with nature because you get to mess around outside in a natural shower. And yeah, it can be relaxing when you’re out there because you have cool, refreshing water on you at all times. And definitely, of course you’ll feel like a kid again being bad and breaking your mother’s rule. But I promise you that my mother would still be against it. I might get a cold and then who will take care of me?

So yoga in the rain? Mothers probably say no. I say definitely yes. Let’s be kids again and jump back into it. We may get sick, but hell, it’s probably worth it. 🙂


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