Five Songs to Power Your Yoga Practice

Yes, we know, it’s impossible to create the Ultimate Yoga Playlist, but we figured we’d try. After sending out a tweet, asking each other, and asking some of our friends we tried to develop a Yoga Playlist that will try to appeal to most people. But it’s just impossible. So instead we have created a list of 5 songs that we know will power your Yoga Practice and Make it awesome. Some are fun, some are mellow, but all of them are awesome.

Amy Winehouse – Valerie

While the late, great Amy Winehouse has many songs that we would have included in this list, we decided that Valerie was the best choice because it’s uplifting and great. A jazzy classic, Valerie, is a song that will not only pump you up in your Yoga Practice, but it’s a great first choice song because it sets an uptempo yet still relaxed mood.

Stronger – Kanye West

It’s the middle of your yoga practice and you’re feeling tired? What’s a yogi to do? Blast some Stronger by Kanye and find your second wind. Better, faster, stronger, longer. You will be unstoppable

Maps – Yeah Yeah Yeahs

A breakout song for the Yeah Yeah Yeahs it’s a super chill song that has a great beat. Don’t underestimate how a strong beat can really help you focus your breaths. And since breathing is a major part of yoga this song is great for getting your breath regular.

Hallelujah – Rufus Wainwright

An amazingly powerful song it has the ability to drag whomever is listening into a trance. Hallelujah has had many cover versions (since the original by Leonard Cohen) but we chose the Rufus Wainwright version because it’s just so beautiful and among all the versions we were all drawn to this one. A beautiful voice that will take you to another level in your yoga practice.

Times Like These – Jack Johnson

We love the beach (if you can’t tell) so any song that can be played while at the beach and also suitable for Yoga? You’d better bet we put it on our list. We love the smooth melody of this song and how simple it is. Just perfect for getting yourself in a simple state of mind during your practice.

So there you have it. Five songs that power us (and hopefully you) through Yoga Practice. We know we’ve missed some so let us know! Maybe we’ll do another list next month or next week! And we love to be introduced to new songs so we appreciate the


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