Top 5 Best Outdoor Yoga Spots

It’s a beautiful day outside in LA. So amazing that we hope everyone was able to get some outdoor time in! For us here at Yoga Dix we really enjoy practicing Yoga outside. Luckily we’re located in Southern California and are able to enjoy the outdoors most of the year, but we’re from all over so we know how hard it is to get that vitamin D in the cold harsh winters.

But with summer coming to an end and fall just about to begin right now is the time to get as much outdoor yoga practice as you can before the cold winter hibernation. So we thought we’d put together a list of our 5 favorite outdoor spots, in no particular order of course.

1. At the Beach

Yes, we admit we are partial to the beach, but it is still one of the best places to practice yoga. Not only will you be outside, but you have the beautiful sounds, sights and smells that come from being near the ocean. The sand feels great between your toes and if you’re lucky maybe you’ll see a dolphin in the ocean.

2. The top of a mountain

There’s really nothing more exhilarating than the fresh air of the mountains. Whether you get the cool, crisp summer air or the biting winter freeze being in the mountains is amazing. Doing yoga in the mountains adds even more to that feeling. Not only will you get an amazing yoga practice, but the views will be to die for.

3. Middle of the city

Ok yeah, this one may be a little unexpected, but how often do you actually take in the joy of your city and take in it’s (un)natural beauty? Living in a city is great for so many things and when you practice yoga in the city you get to take in all energy and put it into your practice and it’s truly inspiring. Hey, don’t knock it till you try it, just be careful not to get in the way of too many pedestrians!

4. The hot, hot desert

Yes, the desert is hot and at times it can be exhausting, but then again we pay good money to practice yoga in the heat all the time so why not use the natural heat! Make sure your wear plenty of sunscreen, a lot of water to stay hydrated and a towel for all the sweat you are guaranteed to lose. We promise when you’re done you’ll be amazed at how awesome desert yoga feels.

5. Any park, any where

Realistically most of us don’t have access to amazing beaches, hot deserts, massive mountains, and may not live in  a large city, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get yourself some outdoor yoga practice. There are plenty of outdoor spaces for you to get your yoga practice going so grab a mat and take a walk to your local park and enjoy your practice. We promise, once you go outside the studio it will blow your mind!


One thought on “Top 5 Best Outdoor Yoga Spots

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