Your First Yoga

We thought it would be cool that for our first blog post to include stories from the community. So we thought, why not post about all of your first Yoga experiences! Nobody’s first Yoga experience is ever the same. Some of us have intense spiritual experiences, some of us are inspired, and some of us are super exerted! But no matter what your first experience was it most likely impacted your life.  One of our Yoga Dix, Brad, has decided to share his first yoga with all of you below:

“Technically, I had my first yoga at 17 when I went with a friend to a yoga class at our gym. While I loved it (it was super peaceful) we thought we would be super cool and do Pilates at the same time. Doing both, one right after the other, is tiring and honestly I can’t remember which practice I completed first! But that was a few years ago and since it was so jumbled I’ll talk about my first “real” yoga experience.

I was 19 when I visited Yoga to the People in NYC. As a poor NYU college student it was the perfect way for me to dip my toes into yoga and save some money! When I arrived the studio was beautiful and I was impressed by the teacher’s peaceful tone and how he handled the class with ease. I absolutely loved the atmosphere and I sweated more than I think I ever have before in my life! By the end of the class I was exhausted and was stoked to get into my final Savasana pose. Then I had the most pleasant surprise of my life when the instructor played a Tibetan Singing Bowel at the end of class. It was absolutely amazing and I couldn’t have asked for a perfect way to end my practice.

After that day I went back every single day for 6 months straight (until I went home for the summer). I have since continued my practice and remember that amazing introduction every time that I step into a studio.”

We loved all of the stories we told here at Yoga Dix and we can’t wait to hear yours! Post your first Yoga Experience below and maybe we’ll feature your story next!

– Yoga Dix


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