After Lunch Poses

Most people have a normal 40-hour work week and we here at Yoga Dix are no different. Sometimes the best escape from work can be to have a nice, filling, lunch. And sometimes that lunch can be a bit much…oops. So we were wondering what can we do to help ease the “after-lunch” bloat.

Then we came across this awesome article on So we read up on it and boy is it helpful! It may be an article written specifically for Thanksgiving (and now we can’t wait to try it then too) but it’s also really great for any day!  It’s amazing how many of these poses that we do in our everyday Yoga practice can have such a positive effect on our digestive system. It just continues to remind us of the many benefits to practicing yoga.

So how about you? What poses do you find really help you with that “after-lunch” bloat or maybe just after any special meal?

And don’t forget to check out’s awesome article because that’s what inspired this post to begin with!

– Yoga Dix


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